Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Dancer's Body

One thing has been on my mind all day. That thing is dance, and the body that comes with it if you work hard enough. I want that dancer's body more than I though and  for some reason today it has been haunting the back of my mind. The long lean muscles, that perfect curve of the foot, and a grace so strong it makes you fly. Probably a big reason why dancing has been on my mind today is because I went to see my former modern dance teacher perform this evening. It was so nice to get that little treat on a Friday night and it has definitely inspired the hell out of me :) I am going to try to become a strong and powerful dancer starting tomorrow morning. On the days I don't have ballet class I think I'll follow a video on youtube which is about an hour long. I'm also going to start eating more like a dancer would/should. I'll try and keep the calories low and be easy on the carbs because I still am trying to lose weight and I'll be staying on the Skinny Girl Diet in case you were wondering. I really want to get more flexible and above all, be able to do the splits! I'll be working hard on that and everything else in my life because I feel like such a slacker right now. I'm ging to be making all the food I am allowed to eat the next day and packaging them separately so that I don't end up eating them all at once. I made a huge jar of green tea with agave nectar from cacti so that is what I'll be drinking tomorrow. I will try my hardest to achieve my goal weigh and I'll support myself and do whatever it is that needs to be done to distract myself from food. 

Lets just say I'd rather not talk about today. Tomorrow is a fresh start and we'll go from there :)
Work hard with me? <3

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