Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Night Madness

Hey everyone! This is going to a short post because it's Sunday and that involves getting prepared for the week :) My to-do list is pretty long at the moment, but because I couldn't post yesterday I wanted to make sure to update you all on what I've been up to.

Yesterday was my little sister's birthday party and she had two of her friends come over for a treasure hunt and pinata. They stayed the night at my house and I was over at my neighbors for the night and this morning. Food-wise, yesterday was awesome until cupcakes, and then it went downhill fast with pizza and other carb snacks. This morning I weighed in at a horrific 21.4 lbs and I'm hoping it was just from the night before. Didn't restrict AT ALL today and I still have to do my exercises (by the way I did do them yesterday). I'm thinking of fasting tomorrow and then eating only apples on Tuesday and then fasting again on Wednesday. No ballet this week so I don't really need to keep up my strength for anything :) However, I'll have to make sure to exercise everyday. At school my dance class can no longer use the building we used to dance in, so I'm not sure were class will be held this week. I guess we shall see.....

Well, this post hasn't been all that short but I really do have to get things done so good bye for now! <3


  1. don't worry too much about it honey, considering it was a party you could have done so so so much worse but it's no permanent damage. keep going. <3

    1. Thanks :) And great job on the juice fast!! I have gone about 16 hours without food and intend to keep it up for AT LEAST 24 hours.