Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Late Night

Hey everyone! This will have to be a quick post because it's pretty late at the moment and I should probably already be asleep for the long day tomorrow. I didn't log my food or exercise today which really sucks so I am not exactly sure were I am in terms of calories :/ I'm guessing it's probably not so good and at the moment I am blaming it on hormones because DAMN have I been craving carbs today.....and yesterday. Hopefully it's just the effects of my period and will be over soon. Bleh. Felt enormously fat today during ballet and I just want this week to be over.

I don't know if tomorrow's post will be any better, but I'll at least try to log so I can keep myself in check a little bit. Lots of temptations will be arising tomorrow with my little sister's birthday celebration.

Good night everyone!! I'm so tired but here's some quick thinspiration :) Sleep, here I come <3

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  1. heeeey, i hope you got some much needed rest, cali :] i myself can look forward to the lovely monthly bloating in less than a week.. ugh. it sucks. i hope your cravings get off your back soon ♥