Monday, March 11, 2013

One Step Closer!

Today was better than yesterday :) Really that's all one can hope and try for so I'm pretty pleased with that. Sunday was the Daylight Savings time change for me so I couldn't go to sleep until around 1:00 am this morning. Luckily today was a fairly mellow day compared to most of my week days, so I got through it even though I was quite sleepy. I've got my high school exit exam tomorrow and apparently it is really easy so we'll see. I think I'll eat a good breakfast in the morning......maybe oatmeal even though its has a pretty high calorie content. Oh well, less for dinner I suppose.

My calories today are around 550, and with exercise that lowers it to about 350 because I took a one hour ballet class today. I'd say that fairly good and my limit was 400 so I managed to stay under that. Well, I think I'll sleep now. This post is pretty short but I am starting to forget words and things so I might as well get some rest :) As always I'll post thinspiration to remind use all of why we do this and that is is possible.

'Night everyone! <3

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