Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Summer is Coming

Hmmm. I wouldn't say today was horrible but it definitely wasn't as good as I had hoped. My weakness is over-eating and it gets worse at night. Apparently I burn 1,350 calories a day without any sort of exercise. Yeah........so I ate about that many calories today :/ BUT I burned of 736 calories in my dances classes so I guess it's not all lost. Ballet seemed extra difficult today but the challenge was fun :) 

The weather was really warm here and it kinda made me panic about summer and how fast it is approaching.  I think I'll do some more crunches and then get a dome much needed rest. I've got the rest of my exam tomorrow, and this morning I didn't have time to eat any breakfast, so I'll try and wake up a little earlier. Yesterday and today I went to my grandmother's house briefly to pick up my little sister after school. She has a scale there so I figure I'd see what I weigh because I couldn't last weekend. Yesterday it said 118.8 pounds, and then today it was 118.6 :) Yay! My body hurts from working out........... 

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  1. good job, cali! you'll reach your goal in no time at all ♥ good luck with your exam tomorrow (: