Thursday, February 28, 2013

SGD Day 4. Lana Del Ray!

Um. I think I need to JUST STOP EATING. I hate the feeling of being full!! And I always forget that before I eat. Lately I have been comfort eating WAY too much and it really fucking blows. I need to be more strict with myself so. Here's the plan: Fast tomorrow. And Saturday. And hope, hope, hopefully Sunday :P Today could easily have been worse but one hour of modern dance (120 crunches baby!) and two hours of ballet kicked my butt. 

Lana Del Ray. I recently discovered her and her songs are fantastic. The first song I heard by her was Kinda Outta Luck and I immediately fell in love with it! Check her out if you don't who she is and maybe you'll like her too :) Her real name is actually Lizzy Grant but Lana Del Ray is her far more popular stage name.

And finally what I ate today:
  • 1 slice potato bread (100)
  • Pretzels (165)
  • 2 Strawberry toaster pastries (400)
  • A piece of a chicken breast (71)
  • 1 cup white rice (242)
  • Tortilla Chips (260)
  • 3 Tbs chunky salsa (12)
Total = 1,250 calories (WAY too much!)          Limit = 500

Exercise = -967

Net = 283

I promise I'll do worlds better tomorrow. Stay with me people. I will succeed!
~The difference between want and need is self control :) 

You want to look like this don't you?
I know I do <3

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  1. Don't worry Cali! 1250 isn't too much, I mean it could've been so much worse like a 3000cal binge or something, but it wasn't. You're doing fine, & 120 crunches? Wow, I'm proud of you! Those kill my stomach :P Keep up the good work, don't let one little hiccup day bring you down ♥
    Also, I love Lana Del Rey too! My favourite is probably 'American' or 'Radio' :) I'm glad you like her, she's great to listen to when you need a distraction from being hungry :]