Monday, March 18, 2013

Everyday Is The Same.

Why don't I have stronger will power? When I don't eat, I want food SO bad and then once I eat I regret it!! It's a vicious cycle and it hasn't gotten me anywhere near skinny. I remember when I was at my lowest weigh two years ago and I never really binged. Since then I have spiraled out of control and I need to get back there. I'm switching school for next year and I want to start over thin and confidant. I don't know whether to use negative or positive motivation.........I just need to be thin. Everything these days reminds me how I am failing at achieving this one. Simple. Goal. Lately my mom has even gotten thinner than me and it freaks me out how out of control this all is.

I think I'll leave it at that and hopefully I'll have something better to post tomorrow. After school is always my weakest point in the day and today it pretty much ruined me :( Good night <3 Thanks for all of your support!!


  1. i'm sorry you're having a hard time! maybe what you need is a switch-up in your diet.. maybe you're too comfortable with sgd now.. maybe once it's finished, doing the 10 day challenge will really kick start your brain into serious diet mode? i don't know, but i hope you're having a better day today♥

    1. Yeah.... I like the idea of the points one can achieve in the 10 day challenge. Also it's not too long so I wont get bored with it :)