Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Power of a Scale

Bleh. I feel kinda sick today but I think it's just that cold going away. I didn't eat until I got home but then I didn't really restrict all that much. Still, I don't think I ate all that much and I did a ton of jumping jacks and crunches :) My legs are SO sore today from ballet! I enjoy the soreness, though, because it means I burned calories. So, when the calories burned from exercise are subtracted from the calories from food I'm pretty positive that I have stayed under 400.

Tomorrow evening I am performing in my school talent show. My whole dance class is doing a modern piece together and I'm super stoked :P We'll be wearing all black with some abstract black face paint too. 
Speaking of school, I finished my High School Exit Exam today and I think I did well because it was surprisingly easy.

This weekend my little sister is having her friends over to celebrate her birthday and me and the friend I mentioned in an earlier post will probably end up helping with it. I cannot even express how much I want and need a SCALE!! I'm one of those people who will weigh myself and freak out and exercise if I have gained even 0.2 pounds. For me that's helpful because it makes me realize the impact of food and keeps me on track. Wantwantwant a scale. 

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  1. aw cali, you're doing so well! :) hm hm hm how to get a scale .. i don't know, maybe just try go to the store alone & take a backpack to carry it in so you don't get noticed with it by family? ♡