Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guess What?

I GOT A SCALE!! Oh my gosh it's like a dream come true! I didn't think I could actually pull this off but I did and the scale is actually really nice looking :) It's glass, and the only thing that annoys me is that I have to take it into the bathroom with me to weigh myself because my room is fully carpeted. But then again it is WAY better than walking all the way to my neighbors house and awkwardly trying to find an excuse to use their bathroom :P

 Last night after I posted my mother told me she has a meeting a little after I get out of school. So I ended up waiting for her at the bakery/coffee shop place that is next to the drug store :) When she left I went over there and walked around the entire store AT LEAST 5 times before I asked an employee where to find bathroom scales. I was so close to freaking out and running out of there but I knew I probably would never get the chance to buy one again. I also bought a birthday card in case anyone asked why I was buying a scale I would tell them it was for my mother's birthday. Now I have a lame card in my backpack that I will never use. Meh.

I do believe I have done exceptionally well today given my past record of indulgence and lack of will power. I did have to eat dinner again because my dad was here. I'll try and get out of it tomorrow so I can have a 72 hour fast (we can do it Katy!!!!). I am very nervous. I really want to be near 110 lbs by April when I go back to school. 

  • Pasta (130)
  • Shrimp (71)
  • Salad (11)
  • Chocolate Soy Milk (181)
Total = 393 (OH YEAH BABY)                                                      Limit = 500 
Exercise = -33
Net = 360

'Night all you lovelies out there :) Thanks for reading!! <3

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  1. oh my goodness i'm so happy for you! :D i can't begin to imagine how you coped without scales. at least now you can stick to a proper weigh-in schedule instead of having to panic about when you can next visit the neighbours.
    SERIOUS FAST TIME. we've both had kind of shaky weeks so it'd be wonderful if we could get through this and get a good number at weigh-in. i'm 8hrs in and going strong. good luck lovely! ❤❤