Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heaps of Junk Food

FAILED. Yup, I ate like freaking monster today. I actually had breakfast AND lunch AND dinner + cake and ice cream for my sisters birthday. On a good day I only eat dinner and maybe a few healthy and low calorie snacks. For breakfast I had a bowl of cereal with milk. Lunch I had two small bags of sun chips (about 150 calories each). Finally I had rice and green curry with lots of veggies for dinner and then two pieces of cake and some blackberry ice cream for dessert. Two hours of ballet and an hour of modern dance today so that takes away some of the calories but I still consider it a failed day :( 

I might be able to buy a scale tomorrow but I'm not sure yet.........I desperately need one because they really keep me on track and if I see I have gained even a tiny bit I'll just start exercising like a madman :P We'll see. I tell you all in tomorrow's post if I have successfully acquired a scale. 

That's about it for today.........Didn't log my food again even though I said I would. Gotta start making snacks the night before again because I found that really effective while I was doing it. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to have an eating disorder because I'm not fucking skinny AT ALL. But then again, it's still a "disorder" even if I'm not thin. Just wanna be skinny.

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