Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Brighter Tomorrow

Meh. Today was like yesterday, I ate too much and didn't exercise. I think I'm starting to get numb to being a fat slob. Fuck. Well, this stops today. I plan to eat healthy tomorrow and the rest of this week and the weeks to come. A friend I haven't seen in a while came over today and I realized I don't want to be her chubby boring friend. She is pretty skinny and quite popular and you know what? I want both of those things. She'll be here next weekend as well and since she goes to a different school and stays at her dad's house most of the time I wont see her for the next five days. This is going to sound stupid and impossible but I REALLY want to lose five pounds by then. 

I'm going to a different school next year and I want my Junior year to be amazing. Right now I go to a really small high school and I broke up with that guy I mentioned a while back so I think it's about time for a fresh start. Can't have a fresh start if I still look the same, so I need to have lost at least ten pounds by August. That's a pretty long time so it is definitely possible and maybe I can be at 105 pounds by then :) 

Hope you're all doing well and I'll update you guys tomorrow. It will definitely be more positive and hopeful because I am eating uber healthy and avoiding salt and sugar as much as possible starting tomorrow!! <3 Thanks a bunch for the comments and support and I will try my best to be someone to look up to :)


  1. don't knock yourself down cali, you're doing well. it's kind of good in a way that you have a friend you're envious of.. great motivation to get skinnier than her! hope your day is better tomorrow♥♥

    1. I agree, she really does motivate me even though she doesn't know it :) I'm supper nervous about seeing her this weekend. I hate feeling fat when I'm hanging out with people.