Friday, February 22, 2013

Temptations Taken Too Far

  Okay, today has not gone as well as possible. It hasn't really even gone well at all. I just looked in the mirror and it looks like there is a football in my stomach. AWESOME. Not. So lets recap....

The day started off iffy with half a banana and a few handfuls of nuts. I was not supposed to go over 400 calories today so everything must be small. Then at school they were selling lollipops which happens to be my favorite candy so I caved and bought three because for some reason I thought 150 calories was not so bad. I should have saved that for healthy food and not sugary candies. Then came home and had a jumble of things including 3 slices of buttermilk bread (300) which by the way is soooo addicting!! As well as one third of my brother's chocolate bar (157), spaghetti with three meatballs, chips and salsa, part of an orange, and milk with chocolate powder. That list seems SO much longer when I write it out! The upside to this binge is that it will get my metabolism up again so I'm not in starvation mode. That will be helpful for my 100 calorie limit tomorrow :) 

  I want to be skinny. If models can do it so can I. If fat people can lose weight so can I. I WILL be skinny. I WILL be thin! Posting some runway/model thinspo today because they must work really hard to be beautiful. Lets try and be as fierce as these models <3

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