Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Books and Food

  So. Today I would say I did better than yesterday... although I didn't stick to purely fruits and veggies. Rawr. I ate one apple with lemon juice because I hate when they get all mushy and gross after you cut them up. Then when I got home my dad was being all weird and kept telling me to eat my dinner and wouldn't stop nagging! Rawr again. So I ate it and it was about a half cup of brown rice, a piece of pork and some lettuce. Not so bad but still not what I said I was going to have.
  Today I woke up with a sore ankle and talked to my ballet teacher about it. I'm supposed to ice it and stretch it tonight....but this is really annoying because I was fine yesterday and it just came out of nowhere.

  Anywho. Yesterday I went to the library and they FINALLY had the book I requested in SEPTEMBER!! I is The Perks of Being a Wallflower if you were wondering. The movie just came out and I wanted to read the book first for once XD That's probably why so many people requested it.... duh. More good news! I have a four day weekend starting Friday for Presidents day. I WILL fast. It is much easier not to eat when I don't have to concentrate for school so I shall take advantage :)
  Good luck to all!! It's never to late to start people!
Stay Strong <3 Queue thinspo...kehehehe....

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