Saturday, February 16, 2013


  I have been good. I haven't eaten a thing today. I plan on doing the same tomorrow and maybe the next day. I feel like maybe I can do this. Maybe I am strong enough. 

  I didn't hang out with my neighbor because my brother is sick so she can't come over and I couldn't go to her house because of the big meeting there. I woke up at like 12 pm and took a shower, painted my nails and watched Desperate Housewives (my guilty pleasure ^.^) My mom and dad just got back from the meeting...scared the shit out of me when  they knocked on my door. Hopefully I can get away with not eating dinner.........dreading that. No weigh-in today :( I'll try again in the morning. Damn I wish we had a scale!!

  I'll probably just go read  some blogs after this.......distract myself from food. I really need to stop binging and just get my act together. Wish me luck! Maybe I'll make some tea......

I <3 Hipbones

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