Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ABC Day Two Randomness

  Success! Even if it has only been two days so far I am determined to complete this diet! Yesterday was a little tricky but I think I managed. Today I had ballet to burn off a bunch of calories. Speaking of which, we are  rehearsing for our spring show in May. We are going to dance Coppelia........If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, well neither did I one year ago when I first started ballet :P 
  So, let me tell you what I ate today. For breakfast I had one fried egg (90) on buttermilk bread (100). Pretty reasonable right? I thought so...... anywho. Didn't eat lunch (I never do XD) and for dinner I had about a cup of leftover spaghetti. I say "about" because I'm just to lazy to measure everything I eat. Heh. So that was going to be it...... but then I realized there was more cheesecake left and couldn't resist. Ahg! That stuff will be the death of me I swear!! It's just so damn amazing. So I think that goes a little over 500 calories but ballet can help with that. I also try to chew gum a lot because I eat for comfort so having something in my mouth distracts me. 

  I can't wait to weigh myself this weekend! I'm really excited and UBER nervous. I will be so crushed if I haven't lost anything. Gotta work harder!! Also I have this project due for my World History class on Friday. I think I'll devote tomorrow afternoon to finishing that last minute. I hate procrastinating but I sure am good at it. 

  Lately I have been reading Judith Marie's blog nonstop. When I find a good blog that is still active I like to read it from the very beginning so I have a lot of reading left. I have also gotten super addicted to the show Desperate Housewives which is a TV soap and I usually don't watch those but this one has caught me. So. Just a bit of random information about me :) Best of luck to anyone and everyone!
~Stay Strong People!!~

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