Monday, February 11, 2013


  Hey.... so first day of the fast went FANtastic. Didn't eat a single crumb and only had green tea and water. However...uhhh, well today I kinda crumbled and ate pizza and crackers. I know, I know. Never end a fast with a binge but I was so weak and shaky and I started doubting myself and questioning why I was even doing this in the first place. Of course now that I have eaten and have my head back on straight I regret it but oh well, I will do better tomorrow. Food plans for the next three days are exclusively fruits and veggies to give me strength for my two hour long ballet classes.

  On a brighter note, I beat my record time of fasting which was previously 36 hours without food. This time I managed about 43 hours until I went into a weird delirious state and ate evil carbs D: I seriously think I am addicted to bread and chips and other generally unhealthy foods and maybe I will go on a non-carb diet to refresh my taste buds.Yes. I should really do that before they completely rule my brain.

  I have almost finished the book Wintergirls, and so far I really like it and would recommend it to the readers of this blog...although I'm not sure if there are any at this point.... XD On Sunday I made a list of things I could do instead of eating and they really seemed to help and kept me busy for the majority of the day....I still need to find a way to refrain from food once I really get desperate because that is my flaw. So her are the distractions I came up with.... there are probably plenty more on the internet but here is my contribution:

  • Paint Nails
  • Shower (if you haven't already... and take your time!)
  • Laundry (Make a goal to complete all of the laundry you are responsible for)
  • Read (Wintergirls?)
  • Jumping Jacks (I like to do them while watching thinspo. Much more motivating)
  • Clean! (Your room, your kitchen, your house... etc.)
  • Draw/Paint/Make art
  • Do homework/Any paperwork 
  • Brush/Floss teeth 
  • At home spa (face mask, hair mask, soothing bath etc.)
  • Exercise
  • Drink water and green tea!!
  • Take a Nap (gives you energy if you are fasting)
  • Watch thinspo (don't forget why you are doing this. It is possible!!!)
  I'll try and post tomorrow or the next day. Hope this was helpful! Stay away from that food!!
~Persistence is key <3

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