Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on SGD

SGD Day 3!!

Yesterday was the first time I missed posting :( So sad. My perfect record is now not so perfect. I was actually sick yesterday and didn't get to go see that dance movie I mentioned. I was planning on a post but I went to bed really early and this morning realized I never got around to it. Skipped dinner because I was tired and fell asleep. I did manage to work out a bit and did jumping jacks for five minutes (I like to do them while watching upbeat thinspo videos) and then 120 crunches. Later I did a 6 minute circuit training video. I burned off any extra calories and stayed at no more than 300 hundred. 

So today I went to school and did my hour and fifteen minute ballet class afterwards. According to the app. I use called Lose It! that burned off 448 calories. 

What I ate:
  • 1 small candy bar = 42
  • 10 tortilla chips = 170
  • 3 Tbs chunky salsa = 12
  • 1/2 cup white rice = 81
 Total = 305 calories           Limit = 400 calories
           = -143
So the net calorie number is zero. Which. Is. Awesome!!
I reeeaaally want to be at least 119 lbs this weekend. Hopefully less :)

Welcome to the newest follower!! gtbSkinnny :) 
I <3 Thinspo!

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  1. Negative calorie intake? You go, Cali! Sorry you were sick, I hope you're feeling better :)♥