Sunday, February 10, 2013


   Hey, so because this is my first post I should probably say a little bit about myself. Cali isn't my real name... I can't risk someone I know finding this and realizing it's me so I looked around on this baby name site and found Cali XD It means "beautiful" I think, so that's cool I guess...Anywho. Today I am starting a water and green tea fast because I am just so dang tired of eating and then feeling like crap. I am going to fast for today (Sunday) and tomorrow and then Tues - Thurs only eat fruits and veggies because I have ballet classes those days and I need something to give me energy. Then back to water and green tea Fri - Mon. So stoked for my four day weekend! Some things I like to do are: read, draw, write, paint, watch thinspo and do ballet. Speaking of ballet, my teacher told me I might be able to start pointe work in the fall (I've only been taking ballet since last February and usually it takes two-three years before pointe). SO excited :)

  My inspiration for this blog was probably due to my sudden addiction to reading other thinspo blogs such as (Size) Zero Intentions which I read almost everyday now. I also started reading a book called Wintergirls because I heard it was good and someone posted it online for easy access :)
  I'll keep this blog updated on my progress at least every other day and tell you how my fast is going :)
Good luck to all and STAY STRONG <3
                                                     Yay for thinspo!

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