Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Belly Full of Cookies

  So I made chocolate chip cookies. Without the chocolate chips. And I eated them. FUCK. I am seriously getting scared about gaining weight. At this rate how can I not. FUCK. Excuse my french.

  Yesterday I caved after I had to eat dinner with the fam. My stomach is NOT feeling good today. In fact ......I look like I am having a baby. Nope. Sorry. Just a freaking FOOD BABY. Barf. Actually I don't kinda scares me and I hate the feeling of puking. No offense to those who do. Just my personal preference, but whatever floats your boat. I started freaking out today when I realized how giant my belly is. As a result there is now a towel over the full-length in my room. I REALLY NEED A SCAAAALLLEEEE!!!! Tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I will weigh myself.......I am so lazy -___-'.  I have a half plan on how I can possibly buy a scale without my mom noticing. So my brother's 13th birthday is on Tuesday and I still need to get something for him. Because I live about thirty minutes away from town my parents hate driving me anywhere except to school. Hopefully we can go to town tomorrow and I can buy something for my brother at Kmart or something.....I dunno. It doesn't matter where as long as they have video games and bathroom scales. Then I'll have to find a way to get her to go to some other store so I can buy the scale and shove it into my backpack. 
Oh. Wait. One tiny problem. IT'S FUCKING PRESIDENTS DAY TOMORROW!!!! Awesome.
Maybe stores like Kmart will still be open?

Jealous much!!!

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