Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Hear the Birds on the Summer Breeze

I don't know how to eat when I don't have a schedule. I get pretty bored and restless over the weekends and that usually results in snacking. One more day and then I have testing at school and ballet on Mon-Thurs.

Today has been pretty chill and I have been vegging out on the computer since this morning. My neighbor was over a little while ago (not the skinny on.....hehe) and we were taking turns holding her baby. Not an actual is made out of a bag of flour and socks. Her class is doing that pretend baby exercise, except they don't have the really expensive ones that make sounds and wake you up at night. 

I haven't weighed myself since Friday.....I was about 121 then. At the moment I really don't feel up to a diet because they really have not worked all that well for me. If I deprive myself I will end up binging and that just makes everything worse :/ Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the spring weather..........unless the part of the earth you're on has a different season in April XD Lately all the trees have been sprouting their new green leaves and it makes my backyard look really jungle-y. 

Here's an awesome song that has been stuck in my head today. Enjoy! Love you guys <3

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