Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Day, One Victory

Smiley Face!! I'm glad today went well :) It wasn't perfect, but I kept food to a minimum and mostly ate fruit. For breakfast I downed a glass of orange juice before scrambling out the door. Lunch was one orange, snacks after school were the following: Two small oranges, a few bites of meat, a small cheese stick, one hard boiled egg and a small bowl of white rice. Again, it wasn't perfect, regardless I am happy about my intake.

I have this paper thing due tomorrow and I have had all of spring break to finish it. BUT. I am a true procrastinator and I saved the ending for tonight. Yay me -__-. Gotta get started on that...........

Good luck to all of you trying to lose weight! The followers of this blog have grown again and it's now at 10 :) It's fun to watch the numbers go up <3

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  1. i'm glad you had a good day, cali! :) stay positive and hopefully the good days will continue! ♥